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Please Your Palate with Traditional Tunisian Cuisine

At Kuscous, we specialize in authentic Tunisian cuisine and offer savory heritage dishes with traditional couscous for a delicious Tunisian meal unlike any other. As the first online distributor of Tunisian food in the United States, we are proud to offer traditional dishes and pastries, ready to serve as soon as they arrive at your door. Our meals are excellent for serving at parties and we make all dishes fresh to order to ensure your complete satisfaction. These unique dishes are packed with flavor. With 20 years of experience, our chefs know just how to balance the spices for an unforgettable meal that tantalizes the taste buds.
Popular Dishes:
Couscous with Boulettes
Couscous served with
Meat Wrapped in Eggplant
or Potato & Fried, Served as
Main Dish
Handmade Pasta Cooked in Chicken & Vegetables, Served as Main Entrée for Lunch or Dinner
Peppers & Tomatoes Cooked
in Olive Oil & Simmered with
Spices for Many Hours, Served as
a Salad or Main Dish
Spinach & Bean Dish with Meat,
One of the Only Black Foods
You Will Find
Convenient Delivery
At Kuscous, we provide nationwide shipping and ship all orders directly through UPS. All dishes come prepared, simply heat and serve for a hearty mouthwatering meal unlike any other!
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